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Hotel Duvet Centre

Hotel Duvet CentreDuvet (Center) Hotel is the newest addition to Duvet Hotels in Macedonia. This superbly comfortable and well located hotel testifies to our dedication and intention to offer the best possible accommodation to frequent travelers whose lives are directly influenced by the accommodation quality in their “homes away from home.” Having maintained a guest return rate of over 90% has gently forced us to "give something back" to our loyal customers and thus we have built this hotel to provide maxium comfort and sizable work area to each guest no matter what category of room he/she is staying at. With 23 rooms with size ranging from 25m2 to 47m2 we have provided the comfort no other competitor can match. Duvet (Center) Hotel is located in the nightlife and restaurant district of Debar Maalo literaly minutes walk from the main city square, most shopping malls, the old bazar area and Fortress Kale, the Government headquarters and Houses of Parliament, the main city park, the EU headquarters for Macedonia, and most banks.
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Boutique Hotel Duvet

Boutique Hotel DuvetDuvet Boutique Hotel is the first true designer hotel in Macedonia. Carefully hidden from the urban noise, yet just minutes away from the city center. Duvet Boutique offers 3 business rooms, 6 premium rooms, and 2 top floor 45m2 business suites. This hotel is a testimony of our determination to expand in the Macedonian hospitality industry by providing excellent service and accommodation to our valued business and tourist guests. All the rooms are designer decorated and will satisfy the needs of the most sophisticated travelers by providing aesthetically advanced comfort, unrivaled by any competitor in the country.This is our second hotel in the capital city and is one of many more to come across the country. 
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