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Hotel Astoria

Hotel AstoriaSituated in the background of an astonishing composition of the sea and great mountains, points where the Mediterranean embraces the continent, on the crossroad of two civilizations, within one of the most stunning towns of the Kotor fjord, hotel Astoria revives the past and fulfills the present. With the unique blend of the ancient and the stylish, the authenticity of this UNESCO protected town remains untouched. From a palace of one of the eminent noble families in Kotor, honored globally as carriers of the French royal symbol, the “lily”, this remarkable palace has been reborn into a modern mansion offering more than anticipated. This original gothic palace dates back from the early 14th century and since then has been cherished as a monument of great historical importance, valued and treasured worldwide. Boutique Hotel Astoria will inspire you to take a glance under the ramparts and relive the past of a town which resisted time and adversity, therefore became an inspiration for creativity.
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Hotel Forzamare

Hotel ForzamareWherever you have been, whatever you have seen around the world, be prepared to revise your opinion of what constitutes the best. From the very first moment that you encounter Hotel Forza Mare, you will have a new measure for your wishes and needs. It is not just the ambience and the view; it is not just the hospitality, nor spectacular mornings and stunning evenings from the terraces of your suite. It is something more, something words and even pictures cannot quite describe. It is something which has made Hotel Forza Mare unique and something that keeps its guests always coming back. It is the reason why Hotel Forza Mare is such a special place to stay. Hotel is located in Dobrota, 3 km away from the old town, at the shore of the Bay of Kotor. Striking five stars Hotel with warm and friendly atmosphere, is a place where you can find everything that suits your needs and that will make you wish come and stay here once again!
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Hotel Hippocampus

Hotel HippocampusKotor Old town and the fortifications around the city with the dominating fortress San Giovanni make an incredible surrounding where a new Boutique Hotel Hippocampus is placed. The medieval stone building, located next to the St. Anne’s Church of the 12th century, has been carefully restored to the highest standards of architecture and refined interior is a combination of preserved stone elements and contemporary design solutions. The old spirit of the Mediterranean Venetian construction and refinement of minimalist design are united In a special way. The equipment of the highest class is combined with materials like stone, wood, metal. Parts of the interior are covered with gold leaf and beautifull wood ceilings are hand painted.
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Hotel Villa Duomo

Hotel Villa DuomoVilla Duomo, once one of the finest noble homes of its time, transformed in to high class hotel, is quietly located in the very heart of Kotor, one of the best preserved Medieval towns on the Mediterean. Timeless design and comfort of the old renaissance pallace, hasn't compromissed guest's contentment. Villa's modern facilities serve all informational and technological need.
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Hotel Vardar

Hotel VardarHotel Vardar has 18 comfortable double rooms, 4 junior suits and 1 suite special. The view from the suits balconies overlooks the main towns piazza. The rooms are designed for our guest to feel at home. In order to make your stay as pleasant as possible, all the rooms are equipped we the modern TV and stereo sets. We tried to select only the finest elements of your accommodation. The marble bathrooms and distinguished cosmetics "Etro" are details that an attentive guests will notice immediately. Soothe under the finest silky cotton linen in the pleasing ambience of the hotel room is truly a wonderful feeling
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Palazzo Radomiri

Palazzo RadomiriLocated in the heart of an ancient seafaring settlement Dobrota and directly on the coast of Boka Kotorska bay (Bocche di Cattaro) in Montenegro, Palazzo Radomiri is an extraordinary early 18th century baroque palace converted into a small historical boutique hotel in 2006. Palazzo Radomiri was one of the first small hotels opened in this region and still the only historical hotel in Montenegro. Its original appearance and character have been carefully restored and brought to the most modern standards, blending existing features with contemporary details and functionality. It is a cool haven of relaxation with the best views of this striking bay.Bursting with history, tradition and dramatic natural beauty, Boka Kotorska provides a spectacular setting for a holiday, an event or a conference. The hotel's personal approach to each guest and intimate surroundings makes the experience in this beautiful environment even more relaxing and comforting. It is the perfect base for a truly memorable stay and a place where you can always feel at home.
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